Logistics - al-hasanat

With our own and huge logistic company we are able to deliver every day to any place inside Iraq around 600 MT per day in different sized trucks. Al Hassanat can transfer goods anywhere in the South of the country; therefore we can cover huge distribution from the South provinces of Iraq to the capital. Also, our company has our representative in the North of the country, in Kurdistan.

We cooperate with big amount of shops, supermarkets and trade centers in Baghdad. We have agreements with shops for distribution of our products only, so we can arrange exclusive distribution of specific products in these selling outlets.

To ensure the perfect performance of delivery, Al Hassanat owns its own freezer storages in Basra with a capacity of 10’000 MT, as well as in Baghdad with 1’000 MT.

In May 2016 our company will finish the construction of totally new storage (600 m2) in the central street of the trade center of Baghdad, in the heart of all main trade routes of Iraq and the main station to distribute it in the country.

New storage was designed specifically for the preservation of sweets. It is equipped with modern cooling systems, to store sweets according to demands of confectionary (18±3°С and humidity 65-70%).

This storage can hold up to 30 containers of sweets in one time.